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Throwback Thursday: The stadium proposed for downtown in 1958


This rendering from April 1958 shows what a stadium -- and heliport! -- could look like downtown.

For a mere $17.63 million, Buffalo could have had stadium with 47,500 seats and nearly 6,000 parking spots.

By comparison, the Bills' current home seats 73,079 and can accommodate 10,000 cars, 300 buses and 250 campers, according to the team's website.

UPDATE: The Bills formed as an AFL team in 1959, so the stadium pictured may not have been intended for the Bills in particular. No information beyond the date was attached to the graphic.




  • Guest

    Must be a slow news day in Buffalo NY.

    • SteadyEddieTX

      Yep, no Bills players hit a tree today...

  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    And had it been built, the NFL and the owner would be telling us we need a new one, and they want us to pay for it.

    • Ridiculo Landsman

      Name any stadium built without tax payer money.

  • mwd0953

    So what's your point? In 1958, gas was about 17 cents/gal. We had a better public transportation system, so more people would have travelled by bus to the game, like they did from the Rockpile.

    • Guest

      Street cars were still running then. But not for long.

  • marcus

    Man, tough crowd! Lighten up, folks. I for one enjoy the throwback Thursday features. They offer an interesting perspective and are a fun read. Keep them coming.

  • John Michalski

    If you notice, not only do the architects have the I-190 and Skyway as transportation links but also have the former DL&W and Lehigh Valley terminals standing which could have been used as possible rail links.

    • rich

      The Lehigh "headhouse" was still standing but if you look, the NEWS plant is where the train shed and tracks used to be. The I-190 is built on the Lehigh right of way. Their terminal moved out to Dingins street about 1955. In the early 70s it became the "Depot" restuarant and bar.

      • John Michalski

        Exactly, but it is interesting that the architects included it in their model while tearing down most of lower Main St. I believe the old LV on Dingens was also a back room operations center for a bank. The LV on Main was torn down before I was born but I had the opportunity to go into both the LV on Dingens and DL&W before they were torn down. Of course they could have kept the LV head house standing and even run a spur from the NYC to its backdoor(under the 190) if they wanted to use it for that proposed stadium. There was a spur like that going to the back of the BN, I am not sure if that is there or was also torn up. I appreciate your feedback. I love these type of articles. I wish they (the BN) would publish more pics of railroad history. Bflo was second to Chicago for about 20-25 years.

  • john q

    Working with an ELL population of this magnitude is a Herculean task, especially in light of how schools are measured these days by test scores and a ticking clock set by age and entrance to the 9th grade cohort. Given time and support, these students can succeed and Kudos to Lafayette and thier stakeholders for pushing a homegrown plan. I hope the BOE and NYSED take it seriously and give them a chance to succeed sans outside interference.

  • Livinginthe716

    This looks do something with the medical funds and East High School and maybe the board can develop a plan to turn Bennett around despite the problems like absenteeism, violence and other factors that have changed Bennett from a destination school to a dumping ground....

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