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Aug. 29, 1959: Allentown’s hep cats explain espresso and art


Trying to bring a taste of 1950s Greenwich Village to 1950s Buffalo, Sam Fiorella started with espresso — which had to be explained over three paragraphs in this 55-year-old News article.

He began to add other coffees and teas and ultimately art at Coffee Encores. In doing so, he helped foster not just the literal tastes of Bohemian post-war New York City, but also provided a place for Buffalonians to be a living part of the beat generation. When the Albright Art Gallery was closed for renovations, the coffee house was the only gallery in Buffalo showing local artists.

Coffee Encores operated from 1951 to 1961. Fiorella died in 1999.

"Where art appreciation, criticism are brewing"

“Some old traditions and new versions of the arts have combined successfully to attract the taste of Buffalonians.

“Sam Fiorella and Dominic Trapani have furnished prominent local artists with the spotlight of public attention in an atmosphere reminiscent of Greenwich Village. Now in its fifth year, Coffee Encores, 343 Franklin St., serves both the avant-garde and the traditional in art. To make both palatable, exotic varieties of coffees and teas are brewed, while on a cold night steaming hot chocolate in mugs is available.”

29 aug 1959 coffee and art photo



29 aug 1959 coffee and art text

  • Mark Hackbarth

    They also used the phrase "yards after carry" several times. Just plain awful

  • Mark Hackbarth

    You have got to be kidding me. This was the worst announcing crew I have ever heard. Diehl called Bryan Bulaga "Baluga" multiple times and Micah Hyde was called "Makayah Hyde" a few times as well. There was zero chemistry between the two and there were several awkward moments of silence where neither one knew what to say. It was obvious very little prep work was done before going in to the broadcast booth.

  • Mark Hackbarth

    Finally, on the last fumble by Aaron Rodgers Diehl said "Mario Williams beat Bryan Bulaga on the play to force the fumble" when in fact JC Tretter replaced an injured Bulaga a few plays earlier. These announcers were not prepared and should never be let on camera again

    • alan pergament

      I don't normally respond. But you are dead wrong and should listen to the game again. Diehl clearly said Williams beat Tretter, who was in the game because Bulaga was injured. He said it very quickly after the play.

  • Greg

    This was not a clean broadcast. Diehl clearly didn't prepare enough for the game. Ok in was solid though.

  • Polish Prince

    What about the Sabres crushing the Soviet Wings 12-6 in 1976, at the height of the Cold War.....The French Connection scored 4 goals, and Jerry Korab exacted punishing Polish revenge on the Russkies and damn near put 5-6 players on the Soviet team thru the boards.

    • crushlimbraw

      I thought you said you weren't old enough to have grandkids, how could you remember that, PP?

      • Polish Prince

        Remember it?... I watched it ...young at heart :)

        The game is on You Tube

  • Knappogue

    What about July 12,1979?

    Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park?

    • Polish Prince

      Hey...I lost half my music collection:)

  • Deborah

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    Jerry no doubt the 70's for sports will go down as the greatest age in sports in human history. But I think the one I am about to remember defined the SEVENTIES in SPORTS... and one you should be trying to forget... In The 1977 World Series, one REGGIE JAX hit 5 CONSECUTIVE HOMERUNS ON 5 CONSECUTIVE SWINGS this will NEVER be done again.

  • John B. Skip

    And stay off his lawn!

  • MikMul

    The 70s was the last era where players who were dedicated, were not only dedicated to the team, but also the city, the fans etc... Free Agency had begun in Major League Baseball ('76?) but you still didn't have so many players jumping ship in the offseason just for the $$$. It was the golden era of the face-mold goalie mask in the NHL, with all the artful painting of those (pre-cursor to what they do today ~ remember Gilles Gratton's Panther or Leopard, whichever that was, Gerry Cheevers' "stitches"??) The Sabres played a roll in the beginning of the end of that style mask which began the beginning of, what was called then, the "cage-mask" Ex Sabre Peter McNab of Boston's slap shot that nailed Gerry Desjardins's eye ushered the change. No NHL docu or old video ever seems to bring up that incident, but it was big when you think of goalie equipment. Some still wore the face-mold into the early 80s but most went "cage". Remember how plain they were at first, just the cage and the helmet??

  • Paythebill$

    Nice Retro Jerry. But, I'm suprised you were not able to mention that the Whaley gave away a first round pick for Sammy, I haven't heard that from you in over a week.

  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    "Aaron Miller had to make a big adjustment..."

    The [BN] should make a 'big adjustment' with these badly cropped pictures...

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